Splash Screen
The splash screen, created with Blender and The GIMP.

Tue., 2005-02-08: Version 0.1a is near! From now on, you can get a running copy of running-robots from CVS. In this case, "it runs" means that it runs on my i686 Debian GNU/Linux with Python 2.3.4 and Pygame 1.6 without crashing during the game. In the next days, I'll further debug the whole thing and check the behaviour under Windows.
Sat., 2005-02-05: My my, I really did it again. I used everything what I knew about "Program Design" and made a complete new approach to the whole thing. Once again, I hope to release something quite soon.
Fri., 2005-01-21: Trying to deal with the existing code to finally release anything, I noticed some major design mistakes (or its complete absence) in the whole program that would make it impossible to maintain the code if I continued like that. I'll completely rewrite everything. Thanks for your patience :-)
Sun., 2004-10-17: Not much progress, as it seems. I faced the difficulties of string encodings last night, now nick names like töbi or b€rt are possible. Updated the last screenshot.
Sun., 2004-08-15: Updated the screenshots and added some descriptive texts
Sat., 2004-08-14: Got a good piece of work done today and I hope to be able to release version 0.1a during the next days.

Running Robots (german: Rasende Roboter) is a board game I got to know on a toy fair in Berlin, Germany. It is a play for any number of players and requires high skills in logical and mathematical thinking.

In the summer of '04, I was at the Deutsche Schülerakademie in the town of Braunschweig where I spent many nights with other pupils from all over Germany playing that completely addicting game. Now that all of us are back home, I thought it would be cool to have a multiplayer online version of that game, so that we can gather again and play some more nights...

I am a Python coder, so you will need to have the Python interpreter installed to play the game. In addition, the pygame extension must be installed. I hope I will be able to present an alpha release soon.

Server side -- have a closer look at the wallpaper :-)

The network gaming will be realized with a client/server architecture. On the left side, you can see what the server will look like, a simple console window. You will be able to have the maps selected randomly or by hand, you can specify the language used and, if the 96 possibilities to combine the premade map are not enough, you can design your own maps and use them.

Below, you can see what the client side will look like. After having entered your nickname, the map will be loaded from the server and when all players have joined the server, the game will begin and the robots will be placed. On the right side of the window you can see the control bar with the current chip, the list of players with their scores and, below that, the chat window.

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to mail to g-henna(at)

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Client side